What is LB Small Biz?

LB Small Biz is a website built to support and promote Long Beach, CA small businesses. Right now our main objective is to provide a directory of local businesses being negatively impacted by the spread of the COVID-19, in hopes of giving small business owners a way to communicate how best to support them during this difficult time, as well as making it easier for the community to support their favorite local businesses.

Why isn’t my favorite business on your site?

If a Long Beach small business is not already listed, it’s because no one has added it yet. If you’d like to add a business to our site, you can do it here.

How much does it cost to list a business?

Listing a business is completely free. If you would like to help cover the costs of running this website, or would like to help us help small businesses in LB, contact us here or email us at info@lbsmallbiz.com.

Who can submit a business?

A patron or a business owner can submit a business by filling out this form.

How can I edit a business listing?

To request an update to business listing, please click the “UPDATE LISTING / REPORT” link at the bottom of the listing’s page and fill out the form provided. We will review your request and update the listing info as soon as possible.


Why is my business not listed when I try to search the name?

We integrate directly with Google Places listings. If your business isn’t showing up, you can add it to Google by creating a free Google My Business account.

I added a business, why is it not showing up?

If a business you submitted is not showing up, try checking back later. Your submission is likely in the process of being approved and published. If it’s been 24 hours and the business has not appeared, please email support@lbsmallbiz.com.

What if I have a question that is not addressed in this FAQ?

Please email us at info@lbsmallbiz.com.

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